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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Free four day Workshop in Programming, Gurgaon

ThoughtWorks, Gurgaon is glad to announce a free for all course in Scala programming. 

It is a 4 days course with live coding and hands on exercises (no slides, yay!). The course will use Scala as a medium to introduce principles of both Object Oriented and Functional programming. It will show you that FP and OOP are yin-yang of each other. 
It will show how Scala unites them tastefully. We will also cover how to apply this novel combination to solve real world problems.

Here is the outline of topics covered in this course. 

Almost all examples will make use of the Scala standard library only. The course will NOT cover tools, frameworks, concurrency, actors etc. Those topics will be covered in future courses (for which the current course is a prerequisite). We promise the course will be fun and very different than the other trainings which you might have attended earlier.

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