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Monday, October 20, 2014

STOP THE PAIN E-Book Available at Discounted Price Only until 31 October !!!

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To cure is my worship, and before my departure from life (1936 born) I wish to disseminate my knowledge and skills to serve my own country 'INDIA' through the Training Institutes based on my authored book 'STOP THE PAIN', which would develop therapists in every nook and corner of the world, to  serve the humanity through this book. This, the world's first and only key-role remedial theory was discovered during my professional daily practical experience, as a skilled Doctor (inventor of Sikh Therapy). I have been rendering service since 1968 in many parts of India, Nepal, Singapore, Australia, Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arab, Abu Dhaby, Iraq, Kuwait and Oman (Muscat). I earned great appreciation from many N.R.I.'s including Americans and Canadians during my 165 days tour of America, England and Canada twice. There, I also dissipated awareness about the intricacies regarding Instant Pain Relief and Cure in 30 minutes (Canada in 1999) & 2 hours radio interviews (England in 2006). I have discovered through my own study and research in the body's muscles & nervous system etc., that how the chronic aches and burning pain occurs and how is it cured ? i.e. the World's First Anatomical Theory of "STOP THE PAIN" is described in this book.

As an inventor of this ultimate therapy & matchless skill of this kind, I am very much confident that nobody can top me in this regard. So, here I am ready for any contest / live debate or as a proof for your awareness & satisfaction. With due respect, I would like to introduce my-self as an inventor of (Reflexochiro) a manual therapy, which is 5 ways beneficially complete. This Reflexochiro therapy is named / registered as the Reflexochiro Drug Free Cure (RDFC). Now you will observe a mind expanding pleasure to know that I have authored a book 'STOP THE PAIN', which is just an anatomical short proof out of my unique research for the  millions of agonized and disappointed patients who are suffering from neuro-muscular spasm "Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome" (RSDS).The scientific theory of my book is to stop the pain instantly, this is the world's first & the only key role remedial discovery. 



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