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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Interns Required for Pune!

Our Company is Looking for Interns in the following field. Stipend is Directly Proportional to the Following Parameter. - Skill Set - Tools , Software - Speed of Work - Quality of Work - Reliability & Dependability - Innovative Thinking - RESULTS DELIVERED Interns doing same work may have different Stipends based on above mentioned parameters. INTERN 1 : x 2 Vacancies. Product Design - 3D CAD Modeling Basic Engineering Knowledge is Must. Software Skills : Solid Edge or Solidworks or Creo or Any Enginnering CAD Software. INTERN 2 : x 2 Vacancies. Graphics Designer + Video Editor Software Skills: Corel Draw , Premier Pro, other Video Editing Softwares. INTERN 3 × 4 Vacancies. Sales & Marketing - Business Development Super Excelent Communication Skills ( Verbal + Email ) Result Oriented. Looking for people for whom the following saying Fits. "Perfection is my Aim, I may settle for Excellence" Do connect or recommend. Joining can be as early as tommorow. Location = Pune , India
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